Nintendo's Electroplankton Returns As DSiWare Download

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Bite-sized chunks of Nintendo and Toshio Iwai's musical software Electroplankton are coming to DSiWare, with four of those releases hitting Japan this week. Each will feature a specific Electroplankton for Nintendo DSi owners to experiment with.


Eventually, Nintendo has plans to release all ten Electroplankton via the DSi download service, doling each out 200 Nintendo DSi Points at a time. At that price point, it might simply be worth your time and money to buy the online retailer-only release of Electroplankton—if you can find a copy, that is.

Of course, 200 DSi Points is a small drop in the bucket. You may get your fill of experimental musical toys with a single download, saving you the hassle of grabbing a used copy on eBay.

Electroplankton [Nintendo via Andriasang]


I sold mine on eBay last year for over $60. $10 is a splash in the pond.