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Nintendo's Efforts To Explain The Wii U Just Took A Turn For The Absurd

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's no secret that Nintendo has had a major problem marketing the Wii U. Most non-gamers (and even some gamers) I speak with have no idea that it even exists. Even Jimmy Fallon couldn't quite figure it out—and he was supposed to be showing it off that night.


Now Nintendo has apparently ramped up its efforts to explain just what the hell that big, glaring "U" means with the posters that GTTV host Geoff Keighley spotted and Tweeted about at PAX East today. "Why Wii U?" the ad reads, followed by a lengthy list of all the things the Wii U does that that crappy old Wii simply doesn't. Keighley followed up with a second tweet explaining that you can tear the flyers away and take them home, like phone-pole ads for a neighborhood dog walker, just in case you forget all the things the Wii won't do.

I'll say this: at least we can be sure Nintendo is definitely aware of the issue. But strangely, it seems like they left "GameCube game compatibility" off that list. Now why would they do that? Check out the full poster below.


Saw this "Why Wii-U?" flyer at retail today from Nintendo. Speechless.