Nintendo World Store Gets A New Coat Of Paint

The Nintendo World Store in New York City has just reopened after its first major refurbishment since opening back in 2005.

While both floors of the store have been given a facelift, as you can see via these photos from, if you've ever been there you might need to have some of the changes pointed out to you, as the general layout (and even the blue/white colour scheme) remains the same as it was when the place first opened.


Indeed, some things seem to have gotten worse; a Gulf War Game Boy, which most visitors will testify is the highlight of the store's top-floor "museum", has been yanked from its own display and thrown in with a bunch of other handheld.

It's also a shame looking at these pictures to see the standard of merchandise on display. I first visited the store in 2006 and was thrilled to see it stocked a wide range of King of Games shirts; returning last year they were nowhere to be found, instead replaced by a range of cheap shirts and hoodies that were more deserving of a place in Hot Topic.

Enough with the negativity, though! The downstairs section looks much nicer, and the roomier design of both floors will help get rid of the cluttered feel that often had the place looking more like a department store than a flagship piece of real estate.

Photos: New York's Nintendo World Store Sports Slick Makeover [Wired]

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