Nintendo Unveils "Nintendo TVii" App For Wii U

Nintendo unveiled the "Nintendo TVii" app for their new Wii U console today at their press event in New York.


The app, which runs as a "second screen experience" on the game pad, is personalized to each member of the household, with a separate set of recommendations and favorites for each profile. It connects not only to streaming services from Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, but also also to a user's TiVo and live TV. In addition to movies and television, it also promises features for sports fans.

Ideally, the Wii U then becomes a tool to connect all of a user's TV and streaming services into one centralized location, and of course also features social tools like friend recommendations and (optional) connections to Twitter and Facebook.


Nintendo TVii charges no monthly fee and comes bundled with every Wii U.

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Well, now I'm getting one. We just cancelled our television subscription because we never watched it and it was too expensive, really. I have Netflix, though, and I'll subscribe to Hulu if I see anything on there I'd watch (or the kids would, really). This would be a nice device to bring them all together.

Granted, XboxLive has a lot of this, if not all of it, but I don't like having to pay for XboxLive on top of everything else.