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Nintendo To You: Your Core Games Are Coming, Just Not Soon

Illustration for article titled Nintendo To You: Your Core Games Are Coming, Just Not Soon

More Nintendo back-tracking! Fresh off their post-E3 apologies, the company have told Edge (in the latest mag, not the website) that "core" games are coming. And they're based on existing IP. Only problem is, they're not coming anytime soon.

We have never neglected our core gamers. We still have developers working on popular core gaming franchises but we need longer to complete these games, approximately two to three years...These games are not ready to launch in early 2009 but are being worked on by all development teams.


So if they take 2-3 years to make...where are the ones you started working on 2-3 years ago? Edge - October 2008 [via Eurogamer]

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Damn, what a kick in the nuts this news is, though not remote surprisingly. This is like a validation that the burning sensation during urination and strange bumps in stranger places are more than just a mere cash of jock itch.

I love Nintendo, and I don't care that they revisit the same IPs each generation. That's why you buy the system. It's like a cover charge at a bar to hang out with some old pals I've known for nearly 20 years now.

What I don't like is the relative lack of quality between the Big N's AAA titles to hold us over. Sure, they pissed off third-parties royally by refusing to switch from carts during the N64 days, and a divorce was expected.

But I feel like it's gotten worse with each successive generation, and I'm only now noticing how bad it is because I'm no longer playing Smash around the clock in my frat house with an endless supply of new challengers appearing.

Loved Galaxy, still playing Zelda, may revisit RE4 I so foolishly rebought to try out on the Wii at a later point. My 360 gets a ton more attention though, and I've sadly begun referring to the Wii as "the girlfriend machine". She loves that Wii Sports, right?

I've bought every Nintendo console made, and I have to say that the Wii is the first one that's really left me feeling underwhelmed. Failing to embrace online this generation (particularly with Brawl) just really sucks.

** Obviously they're making phat cash, so they're doing something right. But you can't tell me today's Wii titles are rolling out like all the great NES hits from yesteryear. If they play this wrong, eventually today's Wii consumer will graduate to an Xbox or Playstation.