Nintendo To Host New Year's Eve Video Telethon on Your 3DS

Illustration for article titled Nintendo To Host New Year's Eve Video Telethon on Your 3DS

Nintendo plans to kick off a two day video New Year's telethon starting the last day of the year and running until the morning of Jan. 2, the company said in a note sent to 3DS owners.


"Mark your calendar for the first-ever Nintendo Video New Year's Telethon," the note reads. "Wondering what you've missed on Nintendo Video? Wish you could see your favorite videos again? Want to vote for your favorite video of 2011 the old-fashioned way? Check out the Nintendo Video New Year's Telethon running from 6 p.m. EST Dec. 31 until 2 a.m. Jan. 2. We'll be running the classics from 2011 and taking your calls and votes!"

The video receiving the most votes will be featured on Nintendo Video for five days, according to the note.

The message doesn't quite explain how the telethon will work, but I assume the videos or the voting or perhaps both will be accessible through the 3DS during the event.

Maybe next year Nintendo could swing two days of Twilight Zone or old Doctor Who episodes. Now that's a telethon I could get behind.



On New Years, grab your partners hand and tell them you want to do something special this New Years Day. That's when you turn on your 3DS and stare together at the screen.

Who says gamers can't be romantics.