Johnny Barry’s Freaker Sneaks, who earlier this year did a custom run of Jordan IV’s in a SNES colourway, are back with a handful of very expensive NES Jordans.


They cost $1250 a pair, and in addition to the NES colour scheme they’ve also got some extra features like Mario labels, a cartridge-shaped Jordan tag and, on the back, pressable D-pad and buttons salvaged from actual NES controllers.

If something purpler is your thing, I missed these NBA Jam ones, which also have SNES buttons at the back but are a bit more subtle.

I’m not as sold on the colours here as I was the SNES ones (I think Nike’s actual NES Air Maxs did a better job with the console’s colour scheme and imagery), but then, I appreciate that the NES is more appropriate inspiration for a shoe originally released in 1989.


As for that price, well, Barry is taking expensive sneakers then doing some extensive customisation work on a very small run of shoes. It’s not that bad considering the resell prices people pay for shoes that aren’t customised to suit their particular niche.


via Go Nintendo

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