The Nintendo Switch is slightly smaller but significantly heavier than the Wii U gamepad. The Switch’s JoyCons are tinier than a Game Boy Micro. And the whole system can fit in your back pocket... sort of.

Today at the Switch event in Manhattan, Kotaku boss Stephen Totilo took a whole bunch of size comparison shots. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Wii U pro controller vs. Switch JoyCon Grip controller:

It’s worth noting: the JoyCon Grip controller is way more comfortable than it looks.


Another angle:

3DS XL vs standalone JoyCon controller (note that the JoyCon’s buttons are slightly more prominent):


JoyCon on top of 3DS:


Wii U vs. Switch screens:

Top-down view of Wii U vs. Switch:


Game Boy Micro vs. JoyCon controller:

Top-down view:


And finally, the shot you’ve been waiting for. Nintendo Switch vs. Stephen Totilo’s back pocket: