Nintendo Stops Printing Money

Yesterday, Japan's Nikkei estimated that over the past six months Nintendo has lost ¥100 billion. Today, Nintendo revealed its official figures, and...they're not quite that bad. The company instead has posted a loss of ¥70 billion. Here's to silver linings!



WOAH WOAH WOAH, wait a minute here. Huge #corrections tag. This story is completely wrong.

Nintendo have NOT "posted a loss of ¥70 billion". They've simply posted a drop in profits.

This story suggests they LOST money - in reality they still gained a lot of money, just not as much as last year. You even said in your story yesterday that Nintendo were projecting to turn a profit of ¥35 billion, and that was before these slightly improved results.

Come on guys - a lot of other sites will report from this story and they'll all post the same incorrect story that Nintendo "lost 70 billion yen" rather than "had a 70 billion yen drop in profit".