Nintendo Still Has Not Announced Animal Crossing For Switch

Will Nintendo ever release a 3D platform game starring Isabelle from Animal Crossing? How tall is Isabelle? Will someone please make a film in which Isabelle is 500 feet tall and King Kong dies when he looks at her? Will Square Enix announce a release date for the Final Fantasy VII remake? All these E3 2019 predictions and more on this episode of Kotaku XP, our weekly video discussion of hot gaming topics.

This week was the week after E3. In case you didn’t know, E3 is the county fair of video games. So this week was the week after the fair. The tents have been broken down. The wind blows unobstructed across the flat vastness of the carnival ground. The travelers have gone their separate paths. Some people have food poisoning. We’re once again as alone as we were two weeks ago.


This week, Gita and I broke E3 2018 down into three topics:

What happened?

What didn’t happen?

What must happen next year?

At some point in this video, I do a Reggie Fils-Aimé impression.

Okay, I’ll admit: I do a Reggie impression at more than one point in this video. See if you can catch them all!
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Dinky Earnshaw

I honestly hope they evolve the AC series. Stardew Valley was such a joy to play.