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Nintendo Sold 800K Wiis In The US Last Week

Illustration for article titled Nintendo Sold 800K Wiis In The US Last Week

Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, said that the company sold 800,000 Wiis in the United States during the week of Black Friday. Yes, 800,000. In a week.


That matches the Wii's sales in the U.S. for the entire month of October and more than doubles the number of Wiis sold during the same week the year prior, according to Reuters. "Fortunately for us a lot of shoppers put our products at the top of their list," Iwata said. He then chuckled.


On top of that, Iwata says that Nintendo DS sales were also up, some 20 percent over the period last year. We'd think it's safe to say that November — like October, September, August, etc. — will belong to Nintendo. Whatever the final outcome, this Thursday's NPD report will be fascinating.

Nintendo says Wii, DS sales strong [Reuters]

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I don't own a Wii, I want one if only for Wii Sports but I'll never have one because I can't justify the cost/benefit.

I think it is undeniable that a good bit of the games coming out for the Wii are complete and utter shit. Will this stop it from selling? Not at all, but I would like people to stop acting like something can be qualified as quality because of the quantity it sells (mouthful).

Hell, Soulja Boy can sell hundreds of thousands of albums in this country. Nintendo has made a fantastic business move with the Wii although I think with it they may have taken a huge step backwards when it comes to games as art.