Nintendo Says No Thank You To Building A Smartphone

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Combining a phone and a games machine! Everybody's doin' it, right? Not Nintendo.


"Certainly we are adding more and more elements to fill out the experience and take away more and more time from competing devices," Nintendo of America boss Fils-Aime told Forbes. "But our handhelds will always lead with games."

"3DS content will be dramatically unique to our platform, because I don't think a smartphone manufacturer will invest to put a 3-D parallax screen in their device and not have the content to bring it to life."

I don't know about that. How many years will it be before there's an iPhone with a screen like the 3DS'? One? Two at the most? And the iPhone 4 is powerful enough as it is, let alone how powerful the next models will be.

I'm not saying this as a prophet of doom, just...that's some fairly short-term thinking there by the Nintendo of America president when you consider the 3DS won't be updated anywhere near as regularly as a smartphone competitor.

Apple, Microsoft And Sony Are Making Game-Ready Smartphones - Will Nintendo? Not Likely, Nintendo President Says [forbes]



The minute I saw the 3DS I predicted Apple will implement it on its iPhone, at the most, by the 6th model.

Supposing they'll keep launching remodels every year, if 2010 had iPhone 4 my prediction says that no later than the iPhone 6 (2012) will Apple implement a 3D glassess-less screen on its device.

Mark my words.