Nintendo’s asked the makers of that lovely 3D Legend of Zelda tribute game to pull it down. Over on their Facebook page, the developers say that they’re pulling any copyrighted material from the release and making the code available for folks to learn from.

Video games. Comic books. Blackness.

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I’m torn because I 100% understand the legal reason a COMPANY needs to do this and what it means if they don’t. But as someone who wants to be a part of the gaming community, a community built around the idea of fun and passion for what we love, I always get so mad when this happens. It feels like the bully, or cold businessman, or outsider who doesn’t understand a thing about what I/we love is coming in and taking away anything that didn’t jump through the hoops/red tape. These people worked hard in their free time to make a thing and offered it to anyone because they love something. Now it’s gone and if I want to play it I’ll have to torrent it which makes me a criminal. So what’s the lesson here? Make your own thing not based on anything else? Becauss if you do, be ready to sue anyone who wants to do to your new and original thing, what you wanted to do to whatever inspired you to begin with.

Again this is the burnt out frustration of a random, out of shape Internet nerd with a beard (some of which is on his male, white, neck) but 2 of the most recent articles are about how a fan thing for shut down (msg and this). What’s worse is we’re all used to this and expect it. Most of the other comments here are variations of “knew it”, or “called it”. Nobody is shocked and I can’t imagine the people that made it are either. Imagine that’s hanging over you as you work on this. You’re working on a thing that you know has a shelf life of less than a gallon of already old milk because the people who inspired you in the first place WILL shut you down in the time it takes for them to discover what you’ve done and to get a legal assistant to fill your name in on a blanket C&D letter.

Knowing the reality of things doesn’t make me feel any better and I’m really running out of reasons to like nintendo or any of the Titan sized games companies.

So while I understand the need for this action,

Nintendo, suck a real big bag of real small dicks