Nintendo Reveals New DSi WarioWare, Art Style Games

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At a financial briefing in Japan today, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata walked investors and analysts through a series of slides, slides featuring charts, that highlight the company's success on the Nintendo DS and Wii platforms. While most of it was nap-inducing corporate gloating via PowerPoint, Iwata provided new details on upcoming WiiWare and DSi Ware titles, including new games in the Art Style line and four (mostly) new WarioWare releases. The games, the details on which were provided by NeoGAF poster Jonnyram, will begin launching in December when the DSi Ware service goes live in Japan. The first will simply be a repackaged set of WarioWare microgames from the original Game Boy Advance release, with the title split into packages of unknown size and sold for 200 Nintendo Points.Another title, Utsusu! Made in Wario will be one of the DSi Ware launch titles. It will take advantage of the built-in digital camera and use your silhouette as the playable character. A third WarioWare-like title is Made in Ore, a microgame editor for the Nintendo DSi described as a tool to "make your own music, graphics, pretty much everything, including programming the logic and making your own 'game cassette'." The game was first shown at Nintendo's media conference in October, but has a newly announced connectivity feature. This title will connect with Asobu! Made in Ore, a WiiWare release that will let players upload their Made in Ore creations and play them on a big screen. Nintendo will also be releasing six Art Style puzzle games, price at 500 Nintendo Points each. The first looks somewhat similar to Nintendo's own Coloris, part of the bit Generations line that preceded the new Art Style label. Finally, a set of downloadable interactive Japanese subway system maps will be available via DSi Ware. Nintendo Financial Briefing [IR Webcasting via NeoGAF]

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I guess this really is the DS 2...

Funny. You said we'd have a new Gameboy, Nintendo.