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Nintendo Reached Out to Bring a Beautiful Samurai Pop-Up Game to Wii U

Once upon a time, it felt like Nintendo was giving independent game developers a bit of a cold shoulder. But times have changed and the folks at the House of Mario have been bringing more and more indie games to their platforms. The latest one? A gorgeous touchscreen fable set in feudal Japan that looks like a pop-up book.


Tengami is the work of Nyamyam, the dev studio formed by a bunch of former Rare creators. In the video above, you’ll see designer Phil Tossell play through some of the papercraft-inspired title’s first level. He also talks about some of what it’s taken to bring a game developed for mobile over to the Wii U. It’s a fascinating bit of insight as to how Nintendo deals with smaller third-party game-makers, wrapped in a soothing bit of playable origami.

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Kid Dynamite

Glad to be getting this addition. I've given up on Virtual console, once I realized you can't play the games you've already "virtually" purchased on your 3DS or Wii, on your WiiU. How many times does Nintendo want us to repurchase the same game? I understand the angle that not everyone has all three systems, and for some, the WiiU may be their only system. But what about us loyal Nintendo supporters who buy all their systems? I already bought all the NES titles on my 3DS. Why can't I link my systems and unlock the games I've already purchased across them. Hell... my stupid iPhone can do this with an iPad, iPod Touch, or Apple computer running Lion or higher. WHAT ABOUT ME? (Cue the "F*** You comments). Haha.