Nintendo Power Unsheathes Red Steel 2, Wii MotionPlus Support

The newest issue of Nintendo Power gives Wii owners their first taste of Ubisoft's sword-fighting sequel Red Steel 2. Looks like the game has taken a significant turn toward the Old West—at least in design.

Snippets of the June issue of Nintendo Power are now available online, giving Red Steel fans a peek at the next waggle-filled first-person slicer, but, sadly, no screen shots. Perhaps in the paper version of the Nintendo-focused mag. Nintendo Power seems jazzed about Red Steels 2, though, with the pub excitedly claiming that "wielding a sword in a Wii game feels as real as you'd always dreamed!"


I was unaware that that was a recurring dream of mine. But I trust Nintendo Power wouldn't lie to me.

The Nintendo Power table of contents further confirms that Ubisoft will be supporting Wii MotionPlus for Red Steel 2, offering up some pleasant looking artwork.


Other highlights from the June issue include our first look at Don Flamenco in the Wii remake of Punch-Out!! as well as an official review. Watch for it!

Nintendo Power

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