Nintendo Patents "Zii" In Japan [Update]

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Zii? Like "Wii" with a "Z"? Japan's Nintendo Co., Ltd. filed a trademark on October 30, 2009 for "Zii".


The trademark recently popped up on the Japanese trademark database.

The filing, which covers video games and electronic devices, contains little information. Wonder what it could be.


Update: Looks like Nintendo is attempting to block the branding of the Zee EGG in Japan.

What Is The Nintendo Zii? [Siliconera]

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Andrew Testerman

If I remember right, the suffix "Z" in Japan refers to a sequel, like Dragon Ball Z or Powerpuff Girls Z. So this could be a codename (or perhaps a Japanese-only name) for the next bit of hardware they're coming out with (the sequel to the Wii is the Zii; makes sense to the Japanese, probably =\).