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Nintendo: New Metroid Is NOT Metroid Dread

Illustration for article titled Nintendo: New Metroid Is NOT Metroid Dread

Longtime Metroid director Yoshio Sakamoto acknowledged that the long-rumored Metroid Dread is real and may some day be released.


During a Metroid interview yesterday with series director Yoshio Sakamoto and Team Ninja producer Yousuke Hayashi, we slipped in a question that was not about the newly announced Metroid: Other M.

Well, we thought it might be related.

For a few years, there have been rumors that Nintendo was working on a new side-scrolling Metroid game called Metroid Dread. There was even an easter egg reference to entities known as "Metroid Dreads" tucked into Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


So, we wondered, could the long-incubating Metroid: Other M, which we learned was conceived in 2006, be the Dread project?

"He's very familiar with that [game,]" Sakamoto's translator said after posing our question to him. "No, this is different."

We pressed for details on what Dread is. Sakamoto's response: "The day may come when Dread hits the stores, but this one is something that's completely different. This is other M."

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Account Defunct

To me, I view the upcoming Metroid game more of an "omake" or "gaiden", a side story that has nothing to do with the established Metroid universe or mythos. More like an AU (alternate universe). I don't see it cutting into the "Prime" games. Hence the subtitle "Other M".

I think that is a fresh and exciting approach. I like how it combines the best of both franchises, too (the 2D sidescrollers and 3D FPSes).

Does anyone else have thoughts in this?