The heat was intense. The distance far. David Yarnton, Nintendo UK's honcho, collapsed during a charity bike ride in Greece, and English cricket star, Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff, discovered the Nintendo exec in the road. He needed to act fast.

Yarnton was unconscious, and Flintoff, who was also participating in the cycling event, performed emergency first aid. According to The Mirror, Flintoff stayed with Yarnton until the ambulance arrived and took the 53 year-old to the hospital.


"Freddie did a great job. He knew exactly what to do when he realized David was in trouble," said a friend. "It was a hot day and the conditions got too much for him.

"David was out cold and in a bad way. It's no exaggeration to say that Freddie probably saved his life."

Both men were participating in the first stage of the Cycle Slam 2012 bike ride, which starts in Greece and ends in London. As website Eurogamer pointed out, Yarnton signed up for the first 100-mile stage and the fifth stage.

"David had a bit of a scare but is doing well and is planning on flying home in the next couple of days," Nintendo UK told Eurogamer. "He is extremely grateful to Freddie and the rest of the Cycle Slam team for their help and support."


Kotaku wishes Yarnton a speedy recovery.

The Fred Cross: Freddie Flintoff saves the life of unconscious cyclist [The Mirror via


(Top photo: Giannis Androutsopoulos | AP)

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