Nintendo Makes New Company To Improve Quality

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Nintendo Seal of Quality is going out on its own. The Kyoto-based company is splitting its quality control branch off into its own, separate company.


The name of this Nintendo company is the appropriately named "Mario Club".

Contract employees and part-timers will see work conditions improve, and contract employees will become full-time, full-fledged Mario Club employees. With the goal of improving quality, Mario Club will play test and check Nintendo-related titles for bugs.


任天堂、品質管理部門を分社化―マリオクラブ株式会社を設立 | インサイド [Inside Games]

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Actually back in the day nintendo REJECTED third party games if they weren't up to quality. Developers complained to death about it and eventually they dropped the process. Ever since then a decent chunk of third party titles are crap. Those same developers who complained must be the ones making such crappy titles.