Nintendo Likes Surprises, Sure, but Isn't Mischievous

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Nintendo is considerate. When the Kyoto-based game company reveals it's working on new hardware, it wants to surprise people, but doesn't want to screw up their travel plans.

Satoru Iwata, Nintendo president, recently told analysts that, yes, the earlier a new system is announced, more speculation will be encouraged and there's a higher risk for info leaks from outside companies working with Nintendo.


"In addition, a lot of people interested in our next move might be less amazed at E3 if we disclose too much information in advance," said Iwata. "At the same time, however, if we make a totally surprising announcement at E3 on the spot, which would be an effective way to astonish people, some busy people might say, 'Oh, Nintendo is a mischievous company. I could have visited E3 if I was informed of the announcement in advance.'"

Thus, added Iwata, Nintendo decided to reveal it's revealing a Wii successor at this year's E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles. Think of the children? No, think of the travel plans.

E3 is closed to the general public, and Iwata was probably referring to analysts, investors, game developers, and perhaps, the press—you know, the people who are going to be there anyway.

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Yes, Nintendo should totally release a list of all their surprises in advance, so that I know whether I should be going or not.

I mean, come on, do people actually think like that!?