Nintendo Labels Large Screen DSi Article "Speculation"

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According to reliable Nikkei news service, a new DSi is coming to Japan this year and will feature a 4" larger screen for the current model's price of ¥18,900. Nintendo has responded to this report.


When asked by, a Nintendo spokesperson stated, "Our company isn't doing any interviews [about this]. We think it's a speculative article."

But is it true?

任天堂が大型画面採用の新型ニンテンドーDSiを年内投入か? [ファミ通.com]



I highly doubt it'll have a screen 4" larger. They'd either have to up the resolution of the screen, hence making current DS games incompatible or looking bloody terrible if they decide to just stretch it. They could use some kind of hardware smoothing, but I'm sure it'd be noticeable. #nintendo