Nintendo Keeps Super Mario's 25th Anniversary Classy For America

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When Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. collection comes stateside next month, it will come in a pretty little package for Wii owners. If you're a fan of Mario, you're probably going to want to grab this slick limited edition package.


Included in the Super Mario All-Stars collection are Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3, presented with 16-bit Super Nintendo era graphics, updated for the Wii. Also in the package will be a soundtrack CD, with selected music from titles ranging from Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario Galaxy, and an illustrated 32-page commemorative booklet.


Great for playing, great for sitting on a shelf and staring at longingly with perhaps a wistful sigh thrown in. Here's what thirty bucks American will get you on December 12, if you're game.

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Honestly the package is pretty weak. I'll still get it of course, because I'm a sucker for collector's editions, but still. Compare this $30 set with the *give-away* Zelda Collector's edition disc.

Also, I like how the box says "4 Mario Games on one disc!". Those same 4 games were on 1 SNES cartridge years ago.