Nintendo: It Is Not Game Over For the Nintendo Wii

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Nintendo Wii sales are down 21 percent. 21 percent! That's a lot. But Nintendo certainly hasn't given up on the Nintendo Wii.

In a recent financial briefing, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata stated that Nintendo is "always" developing new game hardware. So once a game console is finished, the company begins thinking about the next console.


This is not unique to Nintendo — it's competent R&D.

And just because Nintendo is working on future hardware, it doesn't mean that it is skimping on the current generation machine.

Iwata points out that while sales might be down, the sales targets the company had set were quite high. Nintendo is optimistic, and Iwata points to the Game Boy as an example of a game hardware that came back with a vengeance. "Everyone was saying that the Game Boy was 'finished'," Iwata said. "That's when a game called Pokémon entered the stage." Pocket Monsters Red and Green were released in Japan in 1996, and the titles became a cultural phenomena. The popularity of the Game Boy once again exploded, and, Iwata says, the handheld entered its most successful period.

Iwata admitted that it was not possible to predict when such hit titles would be released, but the company would continue develop new titles for players. He also added that the company did not think that the Nintendo Wii was in its final years and that it should reduce investment in new games.


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I really don't understand the whole business model of the video game industry. The top selling console (by far) since its release 3+ years ago has been selling ridiculous amounts for over 36 months. And because the past 3 months sales are down 21% over the previous period the following year, there is concern from investors and enthusiast sites? How can we talk doom and gloom about something that has become, in such a short time, one of the best selling electronic entertainment devices of all time just because the sales are not trending over those of the previous year? I mean, do they think that they'll sell one to every person on the planet? Also, its not like the people who already have a Wii just stop purchasing software for the item right? But it seems because there are slightly fewer new owners, it means this incredibly popular machine is on its way out? Crazy talk.