Nintendo Has Mario Tennis, Paper Mario and Animal Crossing for Nintendo 3DS in 2012

Illustration for article titled Nintendo Has emMario Tennis/em, emPaper Mario/em and emAnimal Crossing/em for Nintendo 3DS in 2012

The Nintendo 3DS's 2012 is already looking rosy with new versions of Mario Tennis, Paper Mario and Animal Crossing planned for a 2012 release—at least in Japan.


Nintendo unveiled the new Mario Tennis at its 3DS Conference 2011, showing gameplay footage alongside new footage of Paper Mario and Animal Crossing for its 3D handheld. The company also has a new Tomodachi Collection, an all-new Fire Emblem and another Style Savvy game in the works for the 3DS.

Additional details in Kotaku's live coverage of the Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011.


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So basically the only thing they announced is Paper Mario and a couple of bullet points to add to the list of games that ultimately don't matter.

Is it even a new paper mario or is it another re-release?

Hows about a few new IPs Nintendo? I know you've got an evergreen stable, but after reusing the same bullshit since the N64 it gets a little tiring. When was the last time Nintendo made a meaningful new IP (ie: Miis really don't count)? WarioWare? Pikmin? Those were ages ago.