Similar to how reading Kotaku news stories will unlock rainbows of happiness in your life, reading a post on the Nintendo Switch news feed today will give you apples and a piece of raw meat in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The rewards system is a byproduct of the game’s 1.3.1 update and can be executed by hungry players who read an item in their Switch news feed’s Zelda tips channel about befriending dogs in the game:


Read all that, click on the “start software” button, and Breath of the Wild will boot up. Load a save and Link will find fresh produce at his feet.


It’s impossible (as always) to try to discern what Nintendo’s motives are here, though if they just thought it’d be fun to have a tips post give you in-game items, that’s neat. Maybe their next post will be about how to get a flying horse.

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