Nintendo Games Coming To The Nvidia Shield (In China)

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In most places, you need to get Nintendo hardware to play Nintendo console games. Not so in China, where the upcoming launch of the Nvidia Shield has seen a number of older Nintendo games—like New Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess—made available for the set-top device.


There were rumours this would be happening earlier this year, and as random as they seemed at the time, they’ve been confirmed following a presentation in China this evening as footage was shown from a range of old Wii games, which are “said to be running in HD”.

The games are appearing on the Shield courtesy of a local partnership between Nvidia, Chinese video company iQiyi and Nintendo, so don’t go expecting these to ever appear in the West.

There’s more video of NSMB in action here.

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So I guess that means the Switch is capable of Wii emulation, since the Nvidia Shield is literally the same hardware as the Switch.

That, or this is a hint at some HD remasters coming out soon that Nintendo doesn’t want anyone to know about yet.