Nintendo Finally Showed The Switch The Way I Was Hoping To See It

The debut trailer for the Nintendo Switch was packed with good-looking 20-somethings playing in fashionable apartments and rooftop parties. As a 40-something father, it didn’t feel like a product aimed my way. Nintendo’s Super Bowl ad fixes that feeling.


While many people remarked on the millennial festival that is the Nintendo Switch preview trailer, it’s something that’s been nagging me since the console’s October reveal. Though the company is often cast as the more family-friendly of the three major game console makers, the Switch preview trailer featured no children, no parents. After years of Wii and Wii U advertisements featuring a parade of gamers from toddlers to white-haired grandparents, the lack of age variety was quite noticeable.

I know the games Nintendo teases in the preview trailer are games I want to play. It’s not like the company was suddenly chopping away at both ends of its demographic, but in a way it felt like that. The Switch was not a console the company wanted an aging gamer to imagine playing with his or her children.

And so Nintendo’s Super Bowl ad, a first for the company, has me feeling a whole lot better about my impending purchase.

Though opening with a young adult playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to the tune of Imagine Dragons’ “Believer,” the commercial then switches to a father and son playing a bout of competitive Arms.

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That’s more like it! Granted my children are a bit younger, the older fellow has more hair than I do and for all I know he’s not a father but a guy entertaining a boy while he waits for the ransom money to come through, but this hits much closer to home for me.

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Look! Even more kids! The child from the first shot has friends and siblings who are really glad to see him back at home safe and sound. His real parents even saved enough on ransom negotiations to buy their own Nintendo Switch.


Jokes aside, this is what I needed. Older players, kids, families. These are the people I’ll be playing the Nintendo Switch with when it comes out this March, when I am not sitting here at my computer desk looking sullen.

Mind you this is the “Extended Cut” of the Super Bowl commercial. The main spot only features the 20-something from the beginning of the longer video, playing Breath of the Wild for a very expensive 30 seconds.

Bah, who watches the Super Bowl for the commercials anyway?

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Hey don’t knock it till you try it Fahey. That gentleman could be onto something. Maybe this is the avenue you need to expand Snacktaku’s budget. Maybe you could then turn your experiences into a lighthearted comedy movie called “Switched!” about a rowdy man who goes to kidnap a rich child to hold for ransom to save his wacky food review site from being taken over by corporate Hatsune Miku clones, only to kidnap a street smart plucky inner city kid instead. And you just play switch games with him for an hour and a half.