Nintendo Facing Controller Ban Over Patent Lawsuit

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Click to view Getting your hands on a Wavebird, Classic Controller, or Nintendo GameCube could shortly become very difficult as Nintendo faces a ban on all three devices, following a failed attempt to overturn the verdict in a $21-million dollar patent infringement suit brought on by Texas-based Anascape Ltd. U.S. District Judge Ron Clark plans on issuing the ban on these Nintendo products tomorrow, giving the company a chance to avoid the ban by posting bond or placing royalties in an Escrow account. According to Anascape lawyer Doug Cawley, the ban will be placed on hold while Nintendo appears on the Federal level.


"Nintendo was already planning to appeal this case to the Federal Circuit court,'' Nintendo spokesman Charlie Scibetta said in an e-mailed statement. ``The recent ruling by the trial court does not impact that decision.''


Note that the ban does not affect the Wii remote or nunchuck controllers - just the standard controllers that include analog sticks.

Nintendo Faces Ban on Some Wii, GameCube Controllers [Bloomberg - Thanks Shannon]

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This lawsuit confuses me to no end, I still havent figured what did Nintendo and Microsoft did to violate the patents... didn't they use an analogue stick on the N64? And Sega on the Saturn Nights pad? In fact, wasn't the very first analogue stick the one on the Atari 5200!? Ok, I need a vacation now...