Nintendo Employee Reported "Missing"

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Meara Lynn Nichols, an employee at Nintendo of America, has been reported missing by her husband after failing to return home from an appointment at her son's school.


Although she had left her laptop on and Facebook account logged in, when she didn't come home Matthew Nichols contacted the school, who let him know there hadn't actually been an appointment. He then discovered "a fairly large amount of money" had been withdrawn from her account. The couple had also recently been discussing a "trial separation". And Matthew Nichols was arrested last year on domestic violence charges.

While both local police and Nichols suspect she has simply taken off, it's being handled as a missing persons case because she has yet to contact friends or family, meaning her whereabouts are, at least officially, unknown.


Missing Everett woman is sought [Seattle Times, via NeoGAF]

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Wow. Some REALLY insensitive people on here. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe she left in a panic? What they SHOULD be doing is looking where she would normally go. She probably ran away because of all of the stress. It's hard to explain, but I personally have seen it done before. She's probably at a friend's house. That where my friend went when her marriage was collapsing and I was torn between dropping the dime on her and lying to authorities. So, luckily I managed to talk her into going home and working things out. But, she might just need some time away and is not ready to talk yet.

What REALLY gave it away for me is the fact that she made up a bogus appointment, the fact that she was looking for a separation, and the fact that a large amount of money was withdrawn. Sounds like a runaway to me.

BTW, if her husband if beating her ass(as domestic violence charges WERE filed against him), she probably ran away to get away from him. She doesn't feel safe and has probably hidden because she doesn't want her husband to find her and continue the violence. Good for her if this is the case....