Nintendo Employee Arrested!

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Nintendo's Jin Nakanose, 37, has been arrested by Kyoto Police for kicking the crap out of another driver at a strip shopping mall.

On the afternoon of the 23rd of this month, Nakanose was waiting to get into a parking lot, when another driver (a 29 year-old male) pulled in front of him. Nakanose apparently got out of his car, pulled the driver from his car and began pummeling him with punches.

"I was waiting my turn for the parking lot," said Nakanose, "and I lost it when I was cut in front of." According to the original Japanese report, it will take the assaulted driver two weeks to recover from the injuries, including blows to the face.

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Jin Nakanose is credited with doing the "main system programming" for 2005 DS title Yoshi Touch & Go. Seems he has something else to now add to his resume.

任天堂社員、傷害現行犯で逮捕 駐車割り込みで殴る - MSN産経ニュース [MSN via オレ的ゲーム情報] [Pic]

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Picture taken from nearby security camera.