Nintendo DSi Sees Big Boost In Japan

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Sales of the Nintendo DSi on its home turf were way up this week after dipping into "just awesome enough" territory the week prior. Nintendo moved another 126K, according to Media Create.


Wii was up. PSP was down. PS3 was down. Nintendo DS Lite was down. Xbox 360 was down. PS2 was up. Look, that's all the color you're gonna get, guys. Sorry. Writing about hardware and software sales all day is mind-numbing. I'm going to go look at pictures of puppies or something while you enjoy this week's hardware chart.

• Nintendo DSi - 126,648
• Wii - 56,702
• PSP - 54,782
• PlayStation 3 - 30,309
• Nintendo DS - 12,096
• Xbox 360 - 9,988
• PlayStation 2 - 5,743


I'm not entirely convinced that the DSi really deserves it's own console section of that pie. It is after all just a slight derivation of the DS/Lite.