Nintendo DSi LL Has Strong Second Week, Wii Squeaks By PS3 In Japan

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The bigger, larger and more enormous Nintendo DSi LL continued to outsell the competition in its second week on the market in Japan, another 67,000-plus hardware units sold. It's a stark contrast to competitor Sony's most recent PSP revision.


While the PSP continues to sell well in Japan—another 38,000 handhelds sold—the PSPgo managed to move less than 4,000 units in the past week, according to sales tracker Media Create. That puts it in Xbox 360 territory, perhaps an indicator of Japanese consumer hardware acceptance for the download-only device.

Sony's PlayStation 3, on the other hand, continues to move at a good clip, with hardware sales way up from the week prior. It managed to be outsold by the Wii this week, but by a mere 115 units. Media Create's numbers are after this.

  • Nintendo DSi LL - 67,243
  • Wii - 46,673
  • PlayStation 3 - 46,558
  • PSP - 38,839
  • Nintendo DSi - 37,021
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 7,268
  • PSPgo - 3,809
  • Xbox 360 - 3,685
  • PlayStation 2 - 2,057

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captain zach america

PSP Go succeeded in one thing: Reinvigorating the PSP platform as a whole. PSP sales are up, that's all that matters. PSP Go is and always will be abysmal, and that's why sony priced it so high.

You see, if sony priced it lower, more people would buy it. As I like to call, the general audience. Many readers like you.

However, the general audience is whiny. They are not satisfied just owning the toy, as many of the high buyers (those who would buy it for premium price) are - they want sony to go above and beyond the expectations. Sony would have to keep up the playstation store for tons more releases than it has now - all the best games should and WOULD HAVE to be on there if more people had it. Sony doens't want to do that, right now at least.

PSP Go was never intended for the general audience and I think Sony anticipated that. Contrary to what you might think, their hundreds of econ major businessmen know how to price and invest things.