Nintendo Dominating U.S. Game Sales Through November

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The U.S. video game industry may have a down year and Wii sales may have dropped considerably from 2008, but Nintendo still has something to brag about this year. Sales of its video games are still kicking everyone else's ass.

According to updated figures from the NPD Group, as reported by IndustryGamers, Nintendo is set to dominate software sales here in the States. It's presence in the top ten bestselling games of the year (through November) give the company six of the top ten spots, with five Wii games and one Nintendo DS contributing more than 13.5 million sales so far this year.

It's mostly what you'd expect—Wii Fit, Mario Kart Wii, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Pokemon Platinum, Wii Play, Wii Sports Resort. And Nintendo will have to settle for second behind Modern Warfare 2. But we won't be surprised to see this list change, maybe including one more Nintendo game, by end of year.


NPD: Top 10 Games Through November Reveal Nintendo Dominance [IndustryGamers]

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What a surprise not a single 3rd Party title on that list for the Wii. Gamers on the wii must also be incredibly desperate for good games as they are settling for games over a year old. Some of them I don't even consider games. Come on Wii Sports Resort, who wouldn't want a game to try out their new accessory. Wonder how many people would have bought the N64 rumble pack without starfox 64 *rolls eyes*.