Nintendo Copyrights "Piktura"

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A month before E3, Nintendo Co., Ltd. copyrighted "Piktura" with the Japanese patent office. Hrm, Piktura? Does that refer Pikmin? Or does that (Piktura = a pun on picture?) refer to something connected to the Wii Photo Channel? Or maybe, the new Pikmin game will incorporate the Photo Channel? Who knows. Nintendo, Nintendo does, that's who. Search Engine [Industrial Property Digital Library via Siliconera] [Pic]



Okay, Kotaku needs a 'webmaster' link on the frontpage. Seriously.

As far as I can tell, the site no longer works in Firefox 3 as of last night. The header/logo are gone, there's no login, and when you view a story, the comments and the comment form don't show up. The error console is full of errors regarding gawker's CSS files.

I don't know whether it's just FF3 or it's just that the FF2 on my this other box still has the old CSS cached. I tried clearing the FF3 cache, deleting all my cookies, etc.

Anyone else having this problem? (Hah! As if you'd be able to respond!)