Nintendo Challenges The World With Beastly Speedrun of Splatoon 2 Level

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If the ARMS tournament from earlier this year didn’t clue you in, here’s another incident that proves Nintendo is really good at its own games.


Yesterday, the official Japanese Splatoon account shared a video of the “Octozeppelin Invasion” level, which they absolutely destroy in a record 1:09. Our own Tim Rogers translated Nintendo’s accompanying Tweet, where the developers ask the world, “Can you beat this time?”

When I played this level, the charger alone made me fumble. Here, Nintendo of Japan never misses a beat. They snipe at the right places, use the curling bomb to lay out a path, and at one point even use their special to hit a faraway trigger. It’s wild. I didn’t even know some of this shit was possible:


Theoretically, the time could probably be improved—there are a few places where there are slight hitches—but this time is currently better than what non Nintendo employees have accomplished. The run is so good that commenters are wondering if Nintendo used a special tool to accomplish this feat.

According to the Splatoon 2 speedrun leaderboards, the top time at current is 1:16, achieved by runner Wheaty2002 with a Charger. “Not perfect, and I think Rizard already has a faster time,” Wheaty2002 wrote on the page. I look forward to seeing how players try beating Nintendo at its own game.

Already, the videos of players trying to follow suit are hilarious—for reference, this exasperated Japanese player says, “Teacher! I can’t do it!”

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I don’t have the game so I have no idea what I’m even looking at. Can someone summarize what’s happening? How do you finish one of these levels?