Nintendo Building New R&D Center In Japan

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Companies are hemorrhaging money and jobs. Even Nintendo is cutting its profit forecast. That's not to say the company is cutting back on everything, though. Nintendo's expanding.


It's been revealed that the end of last year, the company forked over approximately ¥12.8 billion for a 40,000 square meter piece of property near the current Nintendo headquarters. The property was a golf driving range.

With an increase in global demand for Nintendo products, the company plans to use the site for new game software and hardware R&D. Nintendo is planning to integrate its current R&D center. However, construction is still TBA.


A new R&D facility, huh? Wonder whatever they'll be creating.

任天堂、京都に新研究拠点 128億円で用地購入 [Nikkei.Net]

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Paradox me

I sense the most successful Wii game emerging from this new R&D department.

Mario and Sonic Play Wii Sports At The Olympics While Michael Phelps Gets High.

Kinda lengthy, but I bet it'd sell!