Nintendo Announces Splatoon 3, Out 2022

splatoon 3
Screenshot: Nintendo

When you see dusty backdrops and derelict train yards, you probably think of, well, anything other than the very colorful Splatoon series. But that’s how Nintendo initially showed off next year’s Splatoon 3 during today’s Nintendo Direct.


Not gonna lie, of all the games we could’ve seen cap off the first Direct in a bazillion years—be it Bayonetta 3, the Breath of the Wild sequel, Metroid Prime 4, or a Kirby Air Ride re-release—I don’t know, a guy can hope. Splatoon 3 was entirely absent from my bingo card. Still, despite the fact that today’s stream was light on details, Splatoon 3 looks pretty sweet, just as bombastic as the previous entries. Here’s a trailer:

Splatoon 3 is planned for a 2022 release.

Staff Writer, Kotaku



Probably reading too much into it, but unless I missed it, they just said it launches in 2022. They didn’t say it launches on *Switch* in 2022, when for other games they did specifically say that.