Nintendo of America has been quiet as a church mouse when it comes to its post-Wii Fit publishing plans. We know Mario Super Sluggers is coming, but after that? We're clueless. Nintendo of Europe on the other hand, has laid out its summertime plans for geeks and otaku across the pond, announcing Make 10: A Journey of Numbers for the Nintendo DS.

What is Make 10? Apparently, you "will be challenged to master mental arithmetic to overcome the inquisitive inhabitants and understand the true power of the number 10." Finally. Math.

NoE also dates Wario Land: The Shake Dimension for a September 26 release on the Wii. Surely the North American ship date can't be too far behind. European ates for many third party games, including Samba de Amigo, Manhunt 2, Okami and the lovely Soulcalibur Legends await you at the official site.

NOE announces summer 2008 release schedule [Nintendo]