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Nintendo: Animal Crossing's Resetti "May Be Disturbing To Young Children"

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Resetti may be just about the best thing about Animal Crossing. His furious tirades are, after all, both entertaining and informative.

Entertaining for the fact he doesn't just break through the fourth wall, he lives amongst its rubble. And informative because, well, after 2-3 visits from him, you know that every time you turn off Animal Crossing, you save your damn game.


Pity, then, that parents are being warned about his antics, as though he's a bad thing.


Tucked away in the Animal Crossing: City Folk instruction book is the following passage:

Information for parents - Mr Resetti

It is important that players save before switching off the Wii console in order to retain data after each play session (see Saving Data, above). If players switch off without saving, the character Mr. Resetti may appear upon restarting.

Mr. Resetti's purpose is to teach players the importance of saving. However, parents should be aware that his personality and tone of voice, while intentionally humorous, are authoritative and may be disturbing to young children.


May be? They will be. But parents, your kids need to run into him. The toughest lessons life teaches you are rarely the most pleasant ones.

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