Nintendo Also Discontinues The Mini Famicom For Japan, But Only Temporarily

[Image: Nintendo]
[Image: Nintendo]
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Just as Nintendo has decided to end NES Classic production, it’s doing the same in Japan for the miniature Famicom. Yet, the decision does not sound permanent.


As Famitsu notes, the official site for the Nintendo Classic Mini Famicom states, “Production of this product is ending temporarily. When manufacturing resumes, we will provide information at another time on this homepage.”

The Famicom Mini has been incredibly popular in Japan, selling 262,961 in its first four days last year.

At least it’s eventually coming back, I guess?

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This lends crediance to the rumors that they’re just releasing a new version of the NES Mini and the discontinuation is just for this original version, saying they’re going to pause distribution for the famicom mini while stopping the NES Mini, hopefully with a better future version in the works?

I hope they make an SNES Mini, I would also love the N64 mini but it seems like it’d be harder since Microsoft owns the distribution rights to many of the N64's best games.