Nintendo Addresses Low Output Complaints

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Nintendo has it hard. If it makes too many games, people complain. If it makes too few games, people complain. Nintendo cannot win.


This year, Nintendo seems content with release Wii-controls versions of previously released GameCube games. On the horizon, we can see the already-released-in-Japan Rhythm Heaven and the eagerly awaited Punch Out! and...

Nintendo's thinking is apparently that the company needs to open up its platforms, which are traditionally dominated by Nintendo games, to outside game developers and give them a chance.

"Until now there have been complaints that Nintendo makes too many games or Nintendo dictates too much leadership," Nintendo's Japanese PR stated. "Complaining that Nintendo makes too few games is a first, isn't it?"

A true, but rather tangy, response from Nintendo. Perhaps it's just the development cycle, and all of Nintendo's best and brights are busy making something spectacular. Perhaps.

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Smug Anime Face

Its quality strictness during the NES & SNES days (censorship being out of the picture) made them have a LOT more good games than we have now. Go back to that, withOUT the censorship AND without the casual approach, and I will be happier than Ned Flanders! Gosh-Diddly-Mother-Diddly-er!