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Ninja Gaiden II Outfits Are Out

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Ninja Gaiden II owners, Tecmo has stuff for you to buy. Today, three costume packs for Ryu Hayabusa went up on Xbox LIVE. The three packs (dubbed "Demon", "Shadow Walker", and "BioMetal") are 200 Microsoft Points a piece - that's $2.50 in US money. Each pack contains five costumes variations on the pack's theme. So that works out to fifty cents an outfit. Way cheaper than real ninja clothes!


コスチュームパック [IT Media]

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@tsathoggua: It's a game about a superninja fighting demons. Where you expecting Shakespear? Any thing with a superninja and demons needs lots of blood, lots of melodrama and melodramatic speaches by the bad guys, and over-the-top everything! That's the whole point of a game like this, ultra escapism. It's like watching classic horror movies, or zombie movies, you're not expecting a mind blowing story.