Ninja Coming To Black Desert Online Next Week

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Black Desert Online, the striking massively multiplayer online role-playing game with a strong focus on martial arts, is finally scoring some ninja on July 20. Don’t they look amazing?


Continuing its strange trend of assigning genders to classes, Black Desert Online’s ninja are both ninja, but only one is Ninja. Male masters of the hidden arts get to be ninja with a capital N.

While stealthy female assassin commandos are known as Kunoichi.

Both new classes are all about hiding in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to come in fast with teleports and dashes, delivering precision strikes for massive damage. The Ninja mixes things up with debuffs and stuns, while the Kunoichi deflects enemy attacks with her kunai.


The surest way to get me back into an MMO I’ve paused playing is to start tossing the word Ninja around. You’ll be seeing me next week, Black Desert Online... or will you? SMOKE PELLET! *fwhoosh*

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Sandrockcstm Gaming

Such a good game.