Ninja Blade Ready To Slice Up January

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From Software's "cinematic action game" Ninja Blade has a release date. It'll be out January 29 in Japan for ¥7.140 (US$75). See, in Ninja Blade there's this ninja... .....and he comes from a long line of ninjas. He's from a family of ninjas. And this family has a special ability to kill monsters. And that's Ninja Blade in a nutshell. Ninjas. If owning the game isn't enough, one can always pick up the sound track, available this February for ¥3,045 (US$32) or for those unable to wait, the game's theme song, "Beanstalk," will be available via iTunes and ringtone sites from December 24. The game's score was composed by Norihiko Hibino and GEM Impact. Hibino is best know for his soundtrack work on Zone of the Enders and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. See, there's this soundtrack...and it comes from a long line of soundtracks. It's from a family of soundtracks. 『NINJA BLADE』の発売日が明らかに! サントラも発売決定 [Dengeki Online]


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The soundtrack looks to be rad, though. Hibino's work on 'ZOE2' is so awesome.