Ninja Addresses Fans Who Want The "Old Ninja"

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If you follow Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, you’re bound to come across those who like the “Old Ninja.” Last week, Ninja addressed the issue and, of course, he did it without profanity but rife with real talk.


Besides these online laments, there are montages of “Old Ninja,” like this and this that showing Ninja’s previous streams.

The first montage clip has racked up 2 million views and 42,000 likes. Comments on both include people saying “Old Ninja is the best” and “Ninja’s cursing was the best part of him” as well as those saying they wanted the same type of energy as before.

Of course, lots his fans don’t pine for the “Old Ninja” and enjoy his current streams. However, the seemingly endless calls for the previous iteration has led Ninja to address these complaints:

“I’m the same person, man. I just don’t swear anymore,” said Ninja during the stream.

“So this whole Ninja is hyper, Old Ninja, I want it, get out,” he continued. “Get out of here. I’m the same person, you guys. 2018 can’t handle Old Ninja. Guess what, I can’t handle Old Ninja because the words I used to say and the gaming terms I used to say, they weren’t okay. Alright? I’ve matured.”

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I’ve matured.

Translation: My advertisers don’t like me using naughty words, and I like truckloads of money being backed up to my house on the reg, so I’ve “matured”

C’mon, don’t act like this is for any reason other than keeping advertisers (sponsors, whatever) happy.