Created by Brian Clevinger's Nikola Tesla in 1923, Atomic Robo is a robotic member of a think-tank of Action Scientists, probing the shadowy outskirts of science. In Second Fiction's Atomic Robo: Violent Science, now available for iOS and coming soon to Windows 8 and Android, he does that too, only gamier.


Atomic Robo is the finest creation of 8-Bit Theater writer Brian Clevinger. Along with artist Scott Wegener, Clevinger has crafted a comic book world filled with supernatural thrills and the magic of science. Also, dinosaurs. It's been nominated for the Best Limited Series Eisner Award twice. That means you should read it (after you get finished reading Umbrella Academy).

The game is an action-platformer with lovely chiptune music. It also has power-ups, some jumping... Atomic Robo is in it, I hear.


Okay, I haven't played it yet, but it's Atomic Robo so I am buying it anyway. It's only $.99 right now on iTunes.

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