Nifflas Releases Knytt Nano Minigames

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You may know indie developer Nicklas "Nifflas" Nygren for his clean, surreal and critically-acclaimed platformers Within a Deep Forest, Knytt and Knytt Stories. Nifflas fans already know that his next project, Night Game, is in the works and not finished yet — but on his site's forums, the developer's just released a Knytt minigame pack called Knytt Nano to tide eager fans over until the next release.


If you haven't checked out any of Nifflas' games, I highly recommend them — they're characterized by simple gameplay, sprawling nonlinear worlds, cute creatures and neat ambient music and sound (which he often designs himself, to boot). You'll have to hit the forums for Knytt Nano, but the other titles are available for free download from Nifflas' site. [Thanks Anonymous, who tipped me off via Sexy Videogameland!]

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@catapult37: indeed, not to mention some of the wonderful stages that have been released for it :D