Nier Creator Yoko Taro Wants To Make An Adult Video

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When giving a panel at SEA Summit in Singapore, Yoko Taro talked about his hopes and dreams, including the possibility of a Nier sequel, a Drakengard and a porno.


According to The System Prototype and Famitsu (via My Game News Flash and Siliconera), Yoko was asked his future plans during a Q&A. Here is how that went:

Question: “Yoko san, have you ever thought about making a movie based on a game?”

Yoko Taro: “I’ve thought about it, but because you need money, I think I’d first like to search for a person with money.”

Question: “What about a Drakengard sequel?”

Yoko Taro: “I believe there’s a Square Enix producer over there, and if the producer said he’d put up the money, I’d make it whenever.”

Question: “What if you were to make the next Nier game?”

Yoko Taro: “I think I’d want to make the Nier: Automata sequel that isn’t the one people are thinking I’d make. I think I’d jumble it all up.”


Question: “Yoko san, up to now you’ve been involved with games, a novel, and a stage play. But here on out, what kind of medium do you want to make?”

Yoko Taro: “I imagine this will be off putting, but I want to make an adult video. Once in my life, I’m thinking I’d like to make one.”


It’s always good to have goals and dreams.

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I just finished the game recently, and even though that event (or should I say gameplay sequence) leading to ending E actually made me cry legit tears, I just can’t piece the story together into a coherent one.

I was waiting for some kind of explanation for who/what Adam and Eve are, what is “the network” that the robots keep mentioning, and who the heck are the two black haired girls in ending C-D? So many questions.

But none of those ever got explained. Or did they? Did I miss something? Do I have to play Yoko Taro’s previous games first to understand?

The gameplay sequence design is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. But the story, uhhh... Even after ending E I feel like the game’s not supposed to end yet.