Nier Creator: Stop Complaining About Fan Art And Cosplay

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Yoko Taro wants folks to knock it off with the fan art and cosplay complaints, saying one of the reasons he doesn’t actively retweet fan art or cosplay is because he doesn’t want to broadcast them to “strange people.”


“However, if they are done by people for work, then I’ll post them,” he recently wrote on Twitter. “The reason being that their job is to get people’s attention.”

But what about those who aren’t professional artists or cosplayers?

“I’ve felt this from before, but there are too many folks complaining about fan art and cosplay done by others,” he continued. “It’s okay if the illustrations are no good or if they don’t look anything like the character. At the very least, I’m happy.”


“Generally speaking, those folks doing it because they like it, and I think people on the outskirts shouldn’t moan and complain.”

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I’m for the right for people to complain if they so wish to as long as it’s not racism or sexism.

If you go through all the trouble of dressing up, going to a public event and pose for pictures. You need to man up/woman up and take all the comments no matter how flattering or not.

If you only want sunshine and rainbows, stay home and watch the disney channel and only talk to your mom.